03 May 2011

Fun with SAP (super absorbent polymer)

Recently I've been having the urge to play with (science) toys.  The way I see it, there are three probable explanations:

1) I need a creative outlet for my inner, hands-on geek (since I don't work in a lab anymore).
2) I am secretly jealous every year when I buy sciencey toys as gifts for my nieces and nephews every year.
3) It is a reaction to this whole aging business.

Regardless of the root cause(s), sometimes you just have to look yourself in the eye and say,  

"I need to buy that packet of Grow Snow hanging from a display in the grocery store cereal aisle.  Better yet, make it two packets...for my sanity."

Followed by,

"And now I need to play with it."

With that said, please enjoy the fruits of my self-indulgence...