16 February 2011

Road Trip Photo Appendix

Thought I'd slap up a few of my shots that didn't make the initial road trip post...some science(ish), some just for fun.

Keeping Portland Weird: OMSI, i.e., Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (0.000000002 astronomical units ≈ 300 m if I got the conversion right)

Mt. Hood out the rear window.  Still cool.
Glacial Lake Missoula Flood, circa 12,000 ybp.
Portland's modern skyline, roughly, after another flood similar to the Lake Missoula Flood. Yikes!
OMSI's got a Naval Base? The decomissioned USS Blueback
Nice! Presumably it's this Nancy Cartwright,
not this one.
Burgers and Espresso? Is there no end to the coffee craze in the NW?  Apparently not.  Also saw a sign advertising a combo Reptile Zoo/BBQ/Espresso joint.  And then there was this.  Sorry for the blurriness...not sure why my hands were shaking so much.
Man, this place really has low self-esteem. (image obtained from Wikipedia)
Mt. St. Helens, of course.  My first time up close.  Check out the massive gouge (left-center) from 1980. There has been recent seismic activity, but let's hope MSH isn't gearing up for another massive blowout so soon.
Hiking the Hummocks Trail by MSH, 11 Feb 2011.
Pretty desolate place, but fascinating and really cool.
The landscape here is just loose rock and ash from the 1980 eruption I believe.  It's constantly being reshaped.

My on-the-side business venture.

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  1. Would've been just as cool if it were the latter Nancy...

    Looks like you had fun!